Mike and Rachel

Invite You to Celebrate At their Wedding

Ceremony starts at 5:30pm Palais Royale 1601 LAKE SHORE BLVD W TORONTO Dinner & Dancing To Follow

About Us



What can I say about Mike?  He is semi-athletic.  He is a huge hockey fan, both as a player and a watcher.  He has achieved many amazing feats through his years as a hockey player.  In fact, he was the only person on his hockey team last season to not get any points and that includes the goalie.

However, aside from his athletic ability, he is also an ambitious businessman, who started his own pick-up game over six years ago to the delight of many other old men who wanted to escape their families late on a Friday.

But underneath that manly and scruffy exterior lies a man who is actually a softy.  He often, to my annoyance, wakes me up in the middle of the night to make me watch cute puppy videos on YouTube.  He also recently came home with our pet cat Sebastian and one might say he’s ignored me ever since.

Yet, despite his faults, such as his ugly massive collection of fleece hoodies and his incapability to match his shirt to his shorts, he is a wonderful person.  He is kind to those around him, especially our families and he’s an awesome uncle to our combined 4 nieces and 6 nephews!  I look forward to our future life together.

– Rachel



Before I met Rachel I used to sleep in all day on Saturdays, eat pizza for dinner every night, play hockey four times a week, watched Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night and I was able to dress myself.

Since meeting Rachel I’ve learned there is more to life then sleeping in all day on Saturdays, there are plenty of shopping malls to spend the day at. I’ve learned that pizza every night is not good for you and I’d much rather have vegetables. I’ve learned that hockey four times a week is too much. I’ve learned that watching Nightmare Before Christmas is way more exciting then watching hockey on a Saturday night, and I’ve learned that I cannot dress myself.

I don’t know where I’d be without her… Oh wait, I’d be on my couch, eating pizza, searching for a new hockey stick online while watching hockey on TV with no pants on.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t trade Rachel for all the pantsless, pizza filled nights on the couch watching hockey*. She’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

* This statement is null and void during the playoffs

– Mike    


Palais Royale Ballroom
1601 Lake Shore Blvd. West
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C1


Mike and I chose the Palais Royale for many reasons.  Firstly, it overlooks Lake Ontario and who wouldn’t want to get married on a deck overlooking a lake?  Secondly, it is no coincidence that it is really close to the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition, as that is a favourite destination of mine in August and our wedding falls on opening weekend of The EX.  You will find hints of this at our wedding, but I don’t want to give anything away yet.  Lastly, the Palais has a rich history, which you can read about here, but basically it was a dancehall in it’s youth and my Bubbie used to go dancing there as a teenager in the late 1930’s.  Now it is home to our wedding, and also my cousins’ proms, but that fact should be ignored because it’s so much more than a drunk teenage Katy Perry fest.  It is beautiful and the venue has been wonderful at agreeing to all my weird requests.

Fun Fact: Mike likes to say that things are art deco even when they’re not, but the Palais Royale does in fact have art deco architecture.

Fun Fact Two: We will be sharing an anniversary with Mike’s brother Andy and his wife Emily.

Out of Towners


For those who want to stay closer to the venue and in the downtown core


220 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1T8

We have a block of rooms held for the wedding at Intercontinental Yorkville.

To make a reservation at our special wedding rate please click here



For those who want to stay closer to the Leinwand clan just outside the city


300 Commerce Valley Dr. East
Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 7X3

We do not have a block of rooms booked for the wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn

To make a reservation please call 905.709.8008 or click here to make a reservation

Wedding Party


  • becca-e1426478531198

    Rebecca - Maid of Honour

  • katie-e1426478605888

    Katie - Bridesmaid

  • emily-e1426478627444

    Emily - Bridesmaid

  • candace-e1426478659819

    Candace - Bridesmaid



  • andy-e1426478696308

    Andy - Best Man & MC

  • gary-e1426478787261

    Gary - Best Man

  • jesse2-e1427251311890

    Jesse - Groomsman & MC

  • marc-e1426478731671

    Marc - Groomsman



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  • adam-e1426480274484


  • mark-e1426479781562


  • dave-e1432512433308


  • brad-e1426479879157








Engagement Photos

Our engagement party was held last summer (July 26th, 2014) at Rachel’s parents’ house
and was a wonderful day for close friends and family. Here are some pictures from the party:

Other Photos